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A competition (4th place) for the Herschel Museum of Astronomy for a product design to be sold in their shop aimed at children. We developed artwork and created a cardboard telescope that was self build, cheap and easy to produce. Collaborated with one graphic designer Vincent Merchant and an Illustrator Anya Jaks.

Collaborating with Anya Jackson we decided to enter the Propercorn Competition to create the new design for the new packaging design for the sweet and salty popcorn. We wanted to create something themed around the tropical and colourful interactive patterned effect.

Bathspa are using my work to promote the Visual Communication Masters course. 

Copy of Weddig DJ (1).png

Created a logo for an Irish company The Moulding Store which specialises in Bespoke Timber Mouldings and manufacturers of the full 'Brenwoods' Moulding range.

When I visit a city or country I want to see and experience the culture that belongs to that place.I want to hear the language and see the vibrance and how it can make you feel.I am fascinated by the human interaction between a place and a memory and when that experience becomes sentimental.This latest work closely references urban patterning, architectural manifestations, and imagined spaces. Inspired by a long-time fascination with figure-ground study and spatial relations, I work in layers to compose a positive-negative environment in which space, form, perspective, and place are interwoven.I am interested in the dynamic nature of being, seeing and moving through the built environment; bringing together visual references from my own memory of places I have been, places I desire to explore, and those imagined past and future.

collaborated with a Brazilian influencer Mariana Martins and we decided  to go to Portugal and explore the patterns with the outcome of using textiles. We both have a interest in patterns and Portugal is the best place as it has lots of landmarks such as Chapel of Souls, Palace Quelez for inspiration . We wanted to create contempary  collages using the photos from the landmarks and wanting to express the cuulture of Portugal. We decided to go for 9 days and visit the following places of Porto, Aveiro, Coimbra, Sintra, Lisbon, Lagos and Faro. We wanted to name the final collection Luso as it means global community in portugese and we wanted to express our love for findings of the pattern designs. 

Partnership with a Bristol based company  DisruptSports. Coke were looking for some surfboards to give away as part of a competition that will be attached to all of their coke bottles in Australia. They wanted it to be summery, fun and focused on the Australian beach scene. 

The brief was to design seventeen awards for the Creative Bath Awards ceremony, with one award standing out from the rest for the overall winning category. I created digital versions as well as physical mock-ups of my awards, and shall be completing two final versions to be displayed as runner up at the Awards ceremony in Bath, June 8th 2017.I presented my work to a large judges panel, which included Erik Spikermann. Who later presented my work at his talk in Bath, where he announced the winning designs and runners up. I based the letter a with my fascination with brutalism through the structure of concrete buildings and brutal architecture. The final product was presented a wooden frame of the Letter ‘A’. 

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